Jackie colburn : Strategist

 Sprint. Solve. Succeed. 

Jackie has been leading the creation of digital experiences for over a decade; everything from emerging startups to critical strategic efforts for fortune 50 businesses. She has proven that openness and optimism accelerate our collective potential to make great things happen, and through her work has found a formula for bringing that potential to life - Design Sprints. Through her own version of a Design Sprint, Jackie helps teams create the conditions to co-create future solutions. Jackie thrives when the problem is hard and the team is ready to make a change but doesn’t quite know what to do, or how. Whether you are creating from scratch or working on a problem that's been stuck in spin-cycle, Jackie can help unlock your team's potential to make the impossible possible.

Jackie spent 6 years in client leadership and strategy at GoKart Labs, where she led clients and teams in developing new business ideas and bringing them to market. She worked with clients such as Target, Financial Engines and Spring Lake Park School District. 

She is passionate about designing products and services that improve people’s lives. She believes that technology has the potential to make us all better and is a tool that should be used for good. Each year, she gives away a free Design Sprint as part of her Sprint for Good program.