With John Zeratsky, Co-Author of Sprint & Make Time

Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2019
9:00am - 6:00pm
145 Holden St N, Minneapolis, MN 55405


One Bootcamp, Two Experienced Sprint Leaders

John Zeratsky is a former design partner at GV, where he worked with Jake Knapp to develop the Design Sprint process. Since 2011, he has run more than 150 sprints. John co-authored the Sprint book and he's the editor of Sprint Stories, where hundreds of teams share their experiences with the sprint process. John will be joined by Jackie Colburn, Minneapolis-based Design Sprint facilitator and design strategist.

This Bootcamp is All About Action

During the Design Sprint Bootcamp, you'll put pens to paper, sticky notes to whiteboards, and hands in the air as John leads you through the full 5-day sprint process. And there will be plenty of time for Q&A, so you can learn from John's experience running sprints with Slack, Blue Bottle Coffee, Flatiron Health, Uber, One Medical Group, and many many more.


Who Should Attend

The Official Design Sprint Bootcamp is perfect for anyone who wants to bring the Design Sprint process to their team, company, or organization.

Leaders, managers, executives— Learn a powerful method for improving decision-making, fostering meaningful teamwork, and safely taking risks on bold new ideas for your business.

Designers, marketers, engineers— Learn how to involve stakeholders in your design process without going nuts, quickly validate your work with customers, and rethink workplace defaults so you can focus on the work that matters.

Facilitators, team leads, sprint pros— Improve your facilitation skills and learn how to run sprints, workshops, and meetings that are a good use of everyone's time.

Students— Set yourself apart by adding "design sprint facilitation" skills to your résumé. Discover concrete ways to apply design thinking in your field. (Discounted student rates are available! Please email


What You'll Learn

Exactly how to run a Design Sprint, including new exercises and techniques that are not in the book.

Expert facilitation skills from John and Jackie, who have run hundreds of Design Sprints, that you can use in all kinds of meetings and workshops.

How to explain and sell the Design Sprint to decision-makers (even the biggest skeptics!)

New approaches to teamwork and collaboration that move beyond tired business defaults to get the best from your team.

How to incorporate customer testing and validation into your design process without slowing down and concrete ways to make smarter decisions and do better work, faster.


  1. Food

  2. Coffee and other beverages

  3. A copy of Sprint

  4. A copy of John and Jake's new book Make Time

  5. Unlimited high fives


Our 2019 Bootcamp will be held at the Holden Room, Parallel Cafe. Image by Kathryn Eurman

Our 2019 Bootcamp will be held at the Holden Room, Parallel Cafe. Image by Kathryn Eurman

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