Your Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Jackie


I don't have a team. Can you bring one? 

I focus on getting the most out of existing teams but I do have trusted partners: user experience designers, branding experts and technical partners that are available to augment existing teams if needed. 


I can’t get my stakeholders in the room for a focused session. Can you still help?

As long as you have a core team who can remain focused on the problem we have defined, I can design an approach that will allow us to work with that team and we will invite additional stakeholders in as reviewers during key check-points. 


Do you follow the Google Ventures Design Sprint Structure? 

Sometimes. I draw on my experience facilitating collaborative design sessions of all shapes and sizes. I work in 1-3-5 day formats and customize the Sprint agenda based on your specific challenge.


Can I hire you to come in and help my team? 

Temporarily, yes. I find that I am most effective in not being an internal team-member. As an unbiased 3rd party, I can bring perspective and stay objective when it comes to the politics and interpersonal dynamics that exist in all team structures. I am open to leading a team for a short period of time so that they learn to work in new ways and move in a new direction.


Can I hire you to Do Something else?

Maybe. Let's talk. I am interested in hearing about the problem you aim to solve and what you are hoping to achieve. We can go from there. 


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