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Jackie has been described as a jolt of optimism and inspiration

She helps people unlock the power of possibility and empowers them to take action.
Whether tackling Human Centered Design or the practical application of a Design Sprint, the common theme is the same.
— When you find yourself stuck, in need of innovation and a way forward —
You can do it. You can change. You have the capacity inside you. It just needs to be unlocked. 

Keynote Presentations & Workshops

Fundamentals of Human Centered Design
The Power of Design Sprints
Unlocking Creativity

Jackie Colburn: SEGD Annual Conference

Jackie Colburn: SEGD Annual Conference

fundamentals of Human-Centered Design

* Human-Centered Design: A Brief History

* Mindsets

* How to Start

* Methods & Practice

John Zeratsky and Jackie Colburn: Sprint Bootcamp 2018

John Zeratsky and Jackie Colburn: Sprint Bootcamp 2018

the power of Design Sprints

* What’s a Design Sprint?

* Why Sprint: The Benefits

* How to Sprint: An Overview

* Methods & Practice

Jackie Colburn Cue4 Retail Conference

Jackie Colburn Cue4 Retail Conference

unlocking Creativity

* Creativity is a Human Superpower

* Cultivating Creativity = More Happiness, More Possibility, More Growth

* Overcoming Barriers

* Practice


Back by popular demand: Design Sprint Bootcamp minneapolis: November 12, 2019

Jackie Colburn + Sprint Book Author John Zeratsky

In one action-packed day you'll experience an entire 5-day Design Sprint. You'll get to try the exercises, ask questions, build confidence, and develop muscle memory for running your own sprints. You'll laugh. You'll high-five. You'll leave with new and powerful ways to do better work, faster.

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