The fastest way to go

The traditional process of identifying the right problem and choosing the best solution can take months when you work in a complex environment. Design Sprints pull key people together to participate, avoid the back and forth and make great strides in coming to a solution. 


FAST: 5 day design sprint 

5 days to get from "How Might We?" to prototype and validation with customers. Best when you have a team who is working on a new challenge, when you want to get feedback from real people or want to validate that a concept is worth pursuing for your business. 

faster: 3 day design Sprint

Great for medium sized design challenges. Best when you do not want to get concept-validation during the sprint. Works well for iteration and roadmap definition with a group that is having trouble finding alignment. 


Fastest: 1 day mini-Sprint

Best for small design challenges. Works well when you have a product or service but are looking to add a new feature or offering for your customers OR when you have something that is working but you want it to work harder. How might we...?